Evergreen Tales Series: Tales of Animal and Humans

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The Evergreen Tales Series is a collection of entertaining tales about animals and humans. The stories contain moral values and lessons. Each story is written in simple language. The series can be included in the MBI Program and the NILAM Reader Program to strengthen the English Language of young readers.The stories are accompanied with colourful and attractive illustrations to make reading more enjoyable.

The series includes 12 different unique tales, they are:

  1. The Deer and the Snail
  2. The Fisherman and the Big Fish
  3. The Lion and the Soldier
  4. The Ant and the Boastful Fly
  5. The Hunting Dog and Her Friend
  6. The Wolf, the Horse and the Goats
  7. The Goose that laid Golden Eggs
  8. The Sparrow and the Swallow
  9. The Donkey in a Lion Skin
  10. The Foolish Camel Who Wanted to Dance
  11. The Fox and the Grapes
  12. The Wolf and the Magpie

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